Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vincent's Story

Age 12

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Congenital Heart Disease

Vincent was born with congenital heart disease, which required surgical heart repair shortly after birth. However, at 6-years-old, Vincent became sick with the flu and his heart function rapidly declined.

In order to save Vincent’s life, doctors at Children’s Hospital received permission for Vincent to use a Berlin Pediatric Heart. A month later, Vincent received a successful heart transplant.

“We are so grateful Children’s Hospital was able to give our son the opportunity to wait for a heart transplant,” said Vincent’s parents. “We were a little nervous, but the whole team was confident and calm every step of the way.”

Today, 12-year-old Vincent knows how important it is to keep his new heart healthy and enjoys playing football, baseball and soccer. Vincent always tries his best no matter what the task, and he loves to make people smile. With his new heart, there is no limit to what Vincent will accomplish.

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